NewMind is a division of Synaptent LLC, a Chicago-based company of dedicated professionals devoted to providing the highest quality research chemicals for institutional and individual researchers alike.

Our backgrounds are varied: from biochemistry to business, IT to neuroscience; our multidimensional expertise give us a competitive advantage in the industry. Our likeminded attitudes and unwavering dedication to our Six Principles ensure that our customers receive a truly satisfying experience.

Although our head office is located in Chicago, the Synaptent family can be found in such locations as Germany, Japan, Indonesia, and various locations around the US. Our global reach allows us to respond to any queries or technical issues that may arise in a timely and straightforward manner.

Our Six Principles

We operate on six basic principles that guide our business.

  1. Our first principle is to ensure that our products are of the highest possible chemical purity.

    Whenever possible, we ensure that our chemicals are independently and methodically tested using the latest analytical methods, in a highly-equipped US-based laboratory. This helps us to verify that our products exceed our high purity standards and are free from unwanted contaminants. We never sell products that do not comply with our stringent purity specifications.

  2. Our second principle is to ensure that our customers receive excellent and well-informed customer service.

    We aim to respond to all queries within the same day and to offer honest, straightforward, and helpful responses to any and all questions that our valued customers may have. We take the time to understand the nature of the query and to do everything possible to provide a completely satisfying purchasing experience.

  3. Our third principle is offering reliable, fast shipping and high quality packaging.

    We understand the fast-paced nature of research and we value your convenience. This is why we aim to provide the best shipping services available at the best price. We offer timely shipping estimates which we seek to beat on every order. Our high quality containers are specifically designed to protect our chemicals from contamination and deterioration.

  4. Our fourth principle is to be a unique and reliable resource for research chemicalsused in neuroscience and biochemical research projects.

    We provide materials that are difficult to find elsewhere and offer fair and affordable prices on these products. We understand the nature of changing regulations on the sale of the materials that we offer and always ensure that we comply with these regulations while still providing the best possible service.

  5. Our fifth principle is to set the market standard for competitive pricing on our products by matching or beating what other stores offer.

    We continuously seek to offer the best value on the market, for the highest quality products.

  6. Our sixth and final principle is to always be evolving through improvements and learning.

    We deeply value feedback and suggestions from our customers as these keep us attuned to your needs and help us provide the best possible service.


By following these principles since our launch in 2013, we have earned the trust and support of a growing set of researchers.



What We Sell

We offer pharmacologically active biochemicals to individuals and institutions focused on neuroscience research, antiaging research, and research of the biochemical pathways that may enable physical and cognitive enhancement.
Our products are grouped into seven categories based on their chemical structures and mechanism of action. These categories have been developed to allow you better navigate our wide range of high quality products.


In the fast-changing world of neuroscience research, NewMind is here to offer you a professional and competitive service by providing the highest quality research qualities at a fraction of the market cost.
We ensure quality through independent analysis at highly-equipped US laboratories and we ensure your satisfaction through our dedication to excellence in both shipping and customer service.
Our products represent the cutting-edge of biochemical research chemicals and we aim to serve professionals involved in legitimate individual and industrial research projects.
Our know-your-customer policies require account approval applications to be submitted in order to access most of our products to avoid potential hazards for both our business and our customers.

Contact us anytime at:
newmind (at) newmind • com
47 W. Polk St # 100-241
Chicago, Illinois 60605
United States