About NewMind

NewMind.com is a division of Synaptent LLC which offers biochemicals to individuals and institutions who are focused on neuroscience research, antiaging research, and research of biochemical pathways that may enable physical and cognitive enhancement.  

We operate on six basic principles that guide our business.

  1. Our first principle is offering the highest chemical purity possible.  Wherever possible, we independently and rigorously test all compounds with an independent, highly equipped US-based analytical laboratory to verify the material has the correct identity, exceeds our high purity standards, and is free of unwanted contaminants.  We never sell compounds that do not meet purity specifications.
  2. Our second principle is offering excellent, informed customer service.  Whenever we are contacted with questions, our goal is to be honest, straightforward, helpful - to take the time to completely understand what you are aiming for, and do everything possible to deliver a completely satisfying purchasing experience.

  3. Our third principle is providing fast, reliable shipping and high quality packaging.  We value your time and your convenience, which is why we offer the best shipping services available at reduced cost.  We seek to meet or beat our shipping delivery promises.  Our containers are chosen to protect our materials from contamination and deterioration.
  4. Our fourth principle is to be a unique resource for biochemicals used in neuroscience research.  We offer materials that are hard to find elsewhere, and offer at fair prices on materials for which other chemical / research supply companies may charge extortionate prices.

  5. Our fifth principle is to offer competitive prices that meet or beat what other stores offer.  We want to be the best value on the market.

  6. Our sixth and final principle is to always seek to learn and improve.  The feedback and suggestions we get keep us attuned, and we value them deeply.
By following these principles since our launch in 2013, we have earned the trust and support of a growing set of researchers.
Contact us anytime at:
newmind (at) newmind • com
47 W. Polk St # 100-241
Chicago, Illinois 60605
United States

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