Many of our customers have inquired about the reasons for the ‘registration wall’ and account application requirements on If you’ve tried to purchase any of our products, you may have already noticed that we have a requirement for customers to submit an account application form and receive approval, in order to access our full range of life science reagents.

In this article, we explain the purpose of the account application form and the uses of the information provided. We hope that this will give a better understanding of the professional nature of our company.

NewMind Account Approvals

Most of our products are ‘locked’ behind a registration / account application approval wall. Among our this for two main reasons – because of our know-your-customer principles, and because of the increased regulations on the sale of research chemicals.

How the Account Approval Application Process Works

You can apply for an account approval status by filling out our web form through the following link:

(Please ensure that you are logged into your NewMind account before clicking the link).

Upon receipt of your account application submission, we will carefully evaluate it and will reply with your approval status within 1-2 business days, based on our review of your equipment, qualifications, and intended use for our materials. If your account application is approved, you will be able to purchase all products from our catalog.

In the event that authorities attempt to obtain your registration data, we will fight all requests to divulge your data to the maximum extent legally possible.

We work with competent, security conscious web developers who keep our site patched against vulnerabilities, who follow good security practices and take extra measures to protect your data on our servers against access by unauthorized third parties.

1. NewMind’s Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy

NewMind’s know your customer policy was put into place a while back in order to protect our customers as well as our business. This policy allows us to know and verify the identity of our customers, as well as to confirm the intended use of our products.

The information shared through our web forms is strictly confidential and will not be sold or voluntarily provided to third-parties under any circumstances. The account approval application forms are simply ways for us to verify your identity and the intended use of our products.

2. Increased Regulations on Research Chemicals

Another reason why we have introduced an account approval requirement for many of our products is due to the increased regulations by government agencies and banking institutions on the sale of research chemicals such as those available on our site.

In 2016, government agencies in the UK passed the ‘Psychoactive Substances Bill’, effectively an outright ban on all substances – including compounds used in R&D – that could be labeled as ‘psychoactive’. Anticipating possible similar action by regulatory agencies in the US, we set about creating a tool to more effectively preserve the ability to continue offering sale of our products while retaining compliance with restrictions.

Upon registering a new account with NewMind, and at every sale, you must agree to our Terms of Sale, which you can find them here:

One important aspect of our account approval form is to ensure that people are complying with our Terms of Sale, including the following:

“You understand and affirmatively agree that materials bought through could be classified by certain regulatory agencies as unapproved new drugs if they were to be sold for the purpose of consumption by and/or administration to humans, but by continuing to access the website, and/or by making a purchase on, you specifically agree and confirm that you will NOT purchase nor use any NewMind product for the purpose of consumption by yourself or other humans, or administration to yourself or other humans.

Many of the products on NewMind do not yet have sufficient research regarding the potential adverse effects from human consumption. We are serious about ensuring that only qualified, professional people are able to access these chemicals.

For Our Approved Customers

We seek to cater specifically to individuals and institutions involved in legitimate scientific research in a laboratory setting. Once your application form has been approved, you will have access to our full range of products for use in neuroscience and anti-aging research, as well as in the research of various other relevant biochemical pathways.

Becoming a member allows you to access our research compounds and use all available payment methods. We strongly recommend submitting an account approval form when you sign up to allow access to our full range of products and services. You can find the account approval form by following this link:

What we do with the information you submit

We use the information you submit on registering your account, as well the information submitted through the account application form for a number of processes.

Firstly, the information is used for internal record keeping.

Secondly, we may use the information you provide to improve our products and services.

Thirdly, may periodically send emails to keep you informed about new products, special offers or other information which we think you may find interesting using the email address which you have provided. You have the option to opt out of these emails at any time.


In summary, the account registration wall on NewMind is in place to protect both our valued customers and our business, and to try to preserve ongoing access to the research tools we offer. We use the information supplied through the account application forms for a number of key purposes, particularly for the verification of your identity, as well as to confirm your intended use. NewMind seeks to offer its products to professionals involved in individual or institutional research into neuroscience, anti-aging, and related fields. We supply research chemicals for use in well-equipped laboratory settings. The consumption of any of these products is strictly prohibited by our terms of sale.

At the registration of your account and at every sale, you specifically agree to our terms of sale, available here: We implore our customers to employ our products responsibly in their intended research application, taking all necessary safety precaution,s given that many of them have a substantial lack of scientific data regarding potential adverse effects on humans.