• 1. I haven’t received a tracking number for my order.
    Our cut-off time for orders being shipped same day is 5 pm, CST. We ship all non-holiday weekdays, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm Central Time (Chicago time). We work hard to ship all in-stock orders within 24 business hours.
    If your order was placed before 5 pm CST on a non-holiday weekday (not on Saturday or Sunday), we’d have tried to ship it out on the same day. If we’re really busy, orders placed just before 5 pm may be delayed until the next morning (but we’ll try our very best to get it out that day).
    Please note that there is sometimes a delay between when we ship your order and when you receive your tracking number. This delay is largely out of our control but shouldn’t be longer than a few hours, at the most.
    By the time you receive your tracking number, your order will already have been prepared and given to the carrier; however, in order to avoid confusion, we may wait to send out the tracking email to you until tracking updates become viewable at the tracking link.
  • 2. I haven’t received my order yet.
    If you placed your order on Friday for Saturday delivery, there may have been an issue with the service provider you selected (i.e., UPS or USPS).
    Importantly, UPS does not ordinarily deliver on Saturday - only USPS makes regular Saturday deliveries for standard shipments. We strongly recommend ordering USPS Priority Mail Express as the most cost-effective means of ordering on Thursday evening or Friday morning and having a good chance of receiving your shipment on Saturday.
    If you ordered on any other weekday, and the estimated delivery time for your order has already elapsed, please contact our customer support team for assistance.
  • 3. I paid for my order with Bitcoin, and I don’t have a tracking number yet.
    There is sometimes a delay in the processing of Bitcoin payments. This is largely due to the way that the blockchain system works. At times, it may get overloaded and transactions can take some time to process. Also, the miner fee selected can have an impact on the time taken to process a bitcoin payment. A lower mining fee often requires more verifications and can take a bit of time, especially if the system is running at maximum capacity.
    If you think something has gone wrong with your bitcoin payment, or would simply like us to double check that it went through, please send us an email with the following information and we’ll get back to you right away:
    • 1) TxID (transaction identifier / transaction hash).
    • 2) Wallet Address that funds were sent TO ("Output address").
    • 3) Wallet Address(es) that funds were sent FROM ("Input address / addresses").
    • 4) Amount of transaction in BTC (preferred for verification) and/or USD equivalent.
    • 5) Screenshot or picture showing the detail of the transaction from your wallet (if available).
    • 6) If Applicable: Refund Address (address to which you would like a refund to be sent).
  • 4. How long will it take to receive my order?
    For more information about shipping times and international orders, please check out this link to our shipping page: https://newmind.com/shipping.

    For customers based in the US, here is a brief outline of the expected delivery times for different carriers:
    • USPS First Class: for packages that weigh 14oz or less. Average arrival time is up to 5 - 15 business days with delivery confirmation. Tracking is spotty and arrival time is variable / NOT guaranteed.
    • USPS Priority Mail: for most packages. Average arrival time is 2 - 4 business days with delivery confirmation and tracking. 2 - 4 day arrival time is NOT guaranteed and is only accurate about 70-80% of the time.
    • USPS Priority Mail Express: for packages that need to get to their destination quickly. Average arrival time is 24 - 48 business hours, prioritized and with good tracking. 1 – 2-day arrival 90% of the time. Money back guarantee.
    • UPS: for packages that come in brown trucks during weekdays with excellent tracking. See the map below for average UPS Ground shipping times (may vary upwards by a day). UPS Next Day and 2nd Day Air have a 98% accurate arrival date, and a money back guarantee.
    • UPS SurePost: Average arrival time is 2 - 7 business days - normally UPS Ground + 1 - 2 days. Tracked by UPS, delivered by USPS. Arrival time is NOT guaranteed and is only an estimate.
  • 5. I believe there is an issue with the quality of the product I ordered from NewMind.com
    Please send us an email with the two numbers on the bottom of the container in question so we can log this complaint in our QC database. In addition, please let us know the type of equipment you used to test our product and how the results obtained differ from those presented on the CoA.
    Please note that, in the case of a product quality dispute that has been verified and shipped with a US-tested CoA, we will not be able to re-ship your order, however, we will refund your order per our 90-day return policy.
    Furthermore, Do Not Dispose of the product in question we may need the product back for further analysis.
  • 6. There was a problem with my order, unrelated to quality.
    We hope that we did not cause you too much dissatisfaction with your ordering experience with us.
    Please send us an email with the numbers on the bottom of the containers that you wish to return so we can properly log your issue in our QC database. In addition to the numbers, please let us know if you wish to have your order refunded or re-shipped when you send us the requested information.
    In the case of a missing item, please let us know the item that is missing and also send the numbers on the bottom of the containers you DID receive (if any) so we can log this in our QC database.
    If you would simply like to return a product, we have a 90-day no hassle refund or replacement policy on all our products. Simply follow this link to fill out the form (make sure that you are logged into your account): https://newmind.com/approve/customer/
  • 7. I’m having difficulties paying for NewMind products with my credit card.
    Due to the nature of the products that we sell, and the far-reaching influence of various regulatory agencies, there have been times in the past when we’ve needed to change our credit card processor. It is possible that this will happen again in the future.
    If you have selected to pay with one of our offshore credit card processors, the most likely problem is that your bank has blocked the transaction as potentially fraudulent. In this case, the best option is to call your bank to confirm that you made the transaction yourself.
    Our other credit card provider is only available for US-based credit cards. Gift cards may not work on this provider.
  • 8. Can I get NewMind products delivered to my country?
    In general, the answer is yes, but with a few exceptions. We ship many international packages each business day, and in general, we do not have problems with customs or legal restrictions. Occasionally, if a product is not recognized by or is unfamiliar to customs, it may be held for further inspection. The inspection process is normal and normally results in clearance within a week. Less commonly, with certain countries, the customs clearance process can be prolonged and can take as much as a month.
    We try to stay abreast of customs regulations and laws in most countries, but ultimately the responsibility to determine the legality of purchasing, importing and using NewMind products in your country lies with you. This means that we cannot guarantee a refund of shipping costs for failed international shipments if it appears that the cause of the import failure is due to a problem with the customs policies or legal restrictions in the destination country.
    We encourage all our international customers to first check with regulatory agencies about the status of the compound that you are trying to import, to avoid potential delays or to avoid having your order held/denied entry.
    All customers are responsible for the tracking and clearance of their packages. Tracking information for your order will be provided at the time your order is processed and emailed to your account related email address.
    Check out our shipping information page for more information: https://newmind.com/shipping
  • 9. Why can’t I access all the NewMind products?
    If you can’t view our full catalog, please ensure that you are properly logged into your account. For safety and security reasons, our full catalog is not available to the general product. Due to the nature of some of the compounds we sell, it is important for us to verify the purchaser, which means that we require you to be logged into your account to view most of the catalog.
    If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here: https://newmind.com/approve/customer/.
    Furthermore, most of our research chemicals require an approved account for purchase. This means that you’ll need to submit a form explaining the type of research that you are conducting, as well as the type of equipment you’ll be using, and your approach to research in general before you can access these compounds.
    This is a measure we’ve put in place to avoid potentially serious consequences that could occur if our products were used incorrectly or without appropriate training and safety measures. To submit an account application, please follow this link: https://newmind.com/approve/customer/.
  • 10. I have a suggestion for NewMind.com.
    We are a small business that was started by a small group of friends with a common goal.
    Your customer feedback is highly valuable to us! It helps us determine what we are doing right, and what we could be doing to better meet our customer's expectations.Please send us an email outlining your suggestion or concern and we’ll get back to you right away!
    The same feedback that you provided us with would also help other customers benefit from. If you have the time, please feel free to mention the level of service we were able to provide you with on https://www.trustpilot.com/review/NewMind.com