Tianeptine Sodium Salt - 5.0 Grams, ≥98%

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Be the first to review this product

Chemical Name:         7-[(3-Chloro-6,11-dihydro-6-methyl-5,5-dioxidodibenzo[c,f][1,2]thiazepin-11-yl)amino] heptanoic acid sodium salt

CAS Number:              30123-17-2

Purity:             ≥98%

Molecular Weight:      458.93

Melting Point: 129-131°C 

Molecular Formula:    C21H24ClN2NaO4

Synonyms:      Coaxil, Tianeptine Sodium, JICJBGPOMZQUBB-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Stablon,

7-[(3-chloro-6-methyl-5,5-dioxo-11H-benzo[c][2,1]benzothiazepin-11-yl)amino]heptanoic acid

PubChem CID:             68870

SMILES:           CN1C2=CC=CC=C2C(C3=C(S1(=O)=O)C=C(C=C3)Cl)NCCCCCCC(=O)O

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Posted by zedsdeadbaybee, Tuesday, September 1, 2015 on product Tianeptine Sodium Salt - 5.0 Grams, ≥98%
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    Great question!  Our Tianeptine sodium, like most of our other compounds, is packaged in a high quality, durable, compact screwtop PETG polymer jar (which has both the heft and chemical inertness of glass, yet is shatterproof).  

    We ship all items with security shrink bands around the metal lid to protect against tampering and completely seal and protect the contents during shipment.  Once received, the opaque, tightly sealable jar thoroughly sheilds the contents from light, air and moisture during storage, while the widemouthed form factor and slightly contoured interior eliminates nooks and crannies, and makes it a very convenient container to access and measure material from.  

    Along with the Tianeptine sodium, we include a hard copy of the analysis and MSDS documentation, as well as two measuring / transfer scoops (one 0.15cc scoop with a capacity of approximately 50mg of material, and one microscoop with a capacity of approximately 4 - 8 mg of material).  Note that these scoops are included for convenience only - for accurate measurement of mg quantities, an appropriate precision laboratory balance / 1 mg resolution scale is required.

    Posted by M W on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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